Experience the Evolution

LED Lighting has innovated commercial lighting
The technology has replaced the old way of lighting
ROI is fast, and costs are low - Join the Evolution

Two to three years of your current lighting system costs can pay for a new, maintenance-free lighting system for up to 10 years.

Full Suite of LED Products

We offer a comprehensive suite of voltage types, lamp and fixture types, and the expertise to ensure the lighting meets or exceeds your needs.

Financial Performance Reports

We will ensure you understand how an investment in an LED lighting system will perform over its lifetime.  Often times, the Return on Investment is under 2 years!

Professional and High Quality

Our team is highly professional, knowledgeable and responsive.  We can help communicate with all levels of your organization to articulate the benefits of the LED system and the process for installation.

Meet Your Goals

Whether you are seeking only financial returns, increasing your organization’s environmental performance, or both, investing in an LED system will help you meet your goals.

NZ Lighting's retrofit approach was seemless, cost-effective and the estimated savings was on the nose. We paid this project off in less than 2 years. Just incredible!

Bob PackGrand Central at Kennedy

We were wrestling with an absurd electric bill, lighting maintenance where our bulbs and ballasts were becoming obsolete, and NZ Lighting solved this issue. We were able to pay off the lighting retrofit in just over 2 years and our maintenance became negligible.

Nelson Guagliardo, Austin Center

NZ Lighting's LED Lighting products and retrofit approach aggressively minimized our maintenance and our electric bill.

Ed Kush, Safe Haven